Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Every bride knows they need a trial - but most brides come to their trials unprepared.  To have a successful trial, a bride must do some beauty research and some serious thinking about how she wants to look on her big day.  I love creating a bridal look, but my vision might not be yours, so read below my top 5 tips to a successful makeup or hair trial.

1.  Wear a white shirt or a similar color to your gown. Makeup looks very different in a black shirt      
     than a white shirt - you want to see your makeup in the color you will be wearing on your 
     wedding day. 

2.  Bring photos of makeup and hairstyles that inspire you.  Explain what you like about each photo. 
     Also, tell the artist what you dislike about past makeup/hair experiences.  For example - no red 
     lips, dark eyebrows, hair off the face, thick foundation etc..

3.  During the trial, be open and address anything that you don't like - now is the time to change 
     things or try new colors, so don't be afraid or think you will insult your artist - we are 
     professionals and want to make you feel beautiful.  

4.  Be open and listen to your artist for tips and tricks that might better flatter your face. 

5.  Take photos of the various finished styles - makeup can look very different in photos.  

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