Monday, February 18, 2019


Not everyone loves lip liner - some think it's old fashion or fake looking, but let me tell you, lip liner is a girl's secret weapon to full sexy lips.  

My PRO TIP for natural results that guarantee sexy full lips is this:  Rather than starting with lip liner, apply our lipstick or gloss as usual, then go in with your lip liner and shape the line line for instant pout and definition.  For best results, choose a lip liner color similar to your lipstick.


Sunday, February 17, 2019


Many of my clients complain about liquid lipsticks.  I love the longevity of liquid lipsticks, but the cracking, dryness and peeling are real.  What to do?  I always start with a thick application of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream to the lips before I start a makeup - I let it really soak in.  For extra dry lips,  I use a toothbrush and gently rub the lips to exfoliate dead skin and flakes.  I apply the liquid lipstick to clean dry lips and let it dry.  If my client's lips start to peel or crack, I tell her to use a small amount of non greasy lip balm like Drunk Elephant Lippie Balm to smooth the lip color out.  My favorite brands of liquid lips are Kat Von D and Dior.  

Friday, February 15, 2019


Brides usually have a ton of questions about their bridal beauty.  I decided to start answering the most popular questions on my blog.  

How much time should I allow for hair and makeup on my wedding day?  

I get this question with every bride.  I always tell my brides more time is better than less time.  Why?  Last minute things always come up on the wedding day that the bride needs to address - such as flowers, guests, seating etc.. - and that eats up time.  Also, I always tell my brides to factor in extra time to enjoy the getting ready process with your bridesmaids and family.  

For the actual time, I like to count backwards from the time my bride needs to be in her dress for first looks or photos.  Depending on the time it took at the trial, I usually factor in 2 to 3 hours for bridal hair and makeup.  For example, if the bride needs to be in her dress at 3 pm, I would schedule her at 12 noon. 

Bridesmaids and others are scheduled every 45 minutes. I insist that bridesmaids and others bring photos of hair and makeup ideas to help us give them the look they want. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Every bride knows they need a trial - but most brides come to their trials unprepared.  To have a successful trial, a bride must do some beauty research and some serious thinking about how she wants to look on her big day.  I love creating a bridal look, but my vision might not be yours, so read below my top 5 tips to a successful makeup or hair trial.

1.  Wear a white shirt or a similar color to your gown. Makeup looks very different in a black shirt      
     than a white shirt - you want to see your makeup in the color you will be wearing on your 
     wedding day. 

2.  Bring photos of makeup and hairstyles that inspire you.  Explain what you like about each photo. 
     Also, tell the artist what you dislike about past makeup/hair experiences.  For example - no red 
     lips, dark eyebrows, hair off the face, thick foundation etc..

3.  During the trial, be open and address anything that you don't like - now is the time to change 
     things or try new colors, so don't be afraid or think you will insult your artist - we are 
     professionals and want to make you feel beautiful.  

4.  Be open and listen to your artist for tips and tricks that might better flatter your face. 

5.  Take photos of the various finished styles - makeup can look very different in photos.  

Friday, March 25, 2016

New Editorial

Love my new editorial with the "painterly" trend.  Love makeup that is outside the box.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

In Los Angeles shooting for JC Penney.  I love the warm weather and sunshine - it's still cold and damp in NYC.   Went to Thai Town - a strip mall on Hollywood Blvd packed with all things Thai -  and had the best Papaya Salad and Pad Thai I've ever tasted.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Had a few great editorial shoots this week - been using my Face Atelier foundation to great success.   My model from Supreme is wearing Mac Brow Gel in Blonde with gobs of Diorshow Mascara in Catwalk Black for a clumpy lash look.  Thick black liner by Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Pencil; and classic Chelsea Girl Lip Lacquer  by Nars - yes, I still have two jars.